Stage I – II

Agilexecution Consulting – Company Stage I & II:

Company stages are determined by how big the firm scope of business operation and resources that supporting it.

Stage I:

As the entrepreneur succeeded the business from small business and grow bigger, the first challenge will arise. Before, there will be enough resources and people to do everything needed, now it might seem not enough.

Some general question that begin to seem valid and common questioned by respective Clients that are in the Stage I are:

Do we serve enough customer that happy with our product or give services to them that make sure they will come back thus make our business keep running?

Can we grow bigger from this current condition, but what will it takes to go bigger?

Do we have enough cash to support the growing business?

On this stage, usually the organization are very simple and there’s very minimal to nonexistent of managerial level. The owner is holding most power in the business and all its operation, including capitals.

Stage I - Pic


Stage II:

On this stage, the business owner begins to understand how to navigate many things using the layers of workable business components.

As the company grow bigger, they again will face next challenges in this stage. The main critical aspect in this stage usually symptom with:

How fast can we generate cash to break even?

How fast we can recover the asset utilities from last investment spending?

Can we finance the necessities to support growth, despite of industry and related condition?

Can we get the economic return from our assets and labor investments?

At this stage, the organization begin to developed and use very minimum system development. Planning usually become relevant upon cash forecasting only. If the company can survive with grow in size and profitability, they can move to Stage III.

Stage II - Pic