Stage V

Stage V with Agilexecution Consulting

Company stages are determined by how big the firm scope of business operation and resources that supporting it.


Stage V:

The challenges in this stage will be to aligned, control and consolidate the financial gain to brought rapid growth using same flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit as was done in stage I, but this time with the bigger scale and scope.

Without entrepreneurial spirit in this stage, company will keep growing larger and to some degree will be unable to move and agile for next competition in the market.

Management in this stage need to have extra attention on vital resources such as financial, personnel, system, and business development including the network.

Owner participation upon this stage are important to revisit the company’s direction that includes the goals, scope of operational abilities, delegation of authorities, and capturing possible opportunities to support both strength and decrease weaknesses from his or her company.

As the evolution will happen throughout levels of organization, the big to drastic changes are expected to appear in this stage. The hands-on prioritization upon winning factors are key in this transformation. Never trade off the essential key variable of success to something minor. Any clear factors that company had achieved in the past should retained with little consideration from top management.

Before the drastic change take place, it’s always good to ponder some worthy questions such as:

Is the people quality and diversity sufficient to manage the growing company?

Is the system that set in, will need to evolve as the company diversified?

Can I share my authorities to the managements?

Is my capital, including key and potential resources will be in risky position while pursuing the rapid growth and higher leaps?

In this stage, selection of new business model is need to be in right fit base on company’s strength and objectives. Be very careful not to be tricked by something that are hype in the market.



Consult with Agexecution Consulting

In order to work efficiently, our consultant need to have a clear conceptual and operational pictures of their Client’s businesses. Our Consultant may choose to facilitate the process in order to pick which best issues to solve first, especially when Clients are in determination to solve the problem promptly.


In Agilexecution Consulting, we tailored suggestion base on Client’s company stages. We believe that sound recommendation is possible to execute and implemented with most efficient resources possible. Understand that company evolution will happen as the healthy growth can be maintained, we only suggest most practical and tactical solution for each challenges faced.